Monday, October 30, 2006

Ellie's growth and her bowel function are been perfectly timed for her to wear the political onesie that friend gave to us.

In case you can't read it, her onesie says 'Bush and my diaper are both full of doodie.

Some of the nurses have warned us that a doctor or two might balk at the politics, but after the threats that we got a at Yale to not treat our Red Sox Binky sucking baby, the politics are easy.

It has never been so true. Posted by Picasa


Martha Brogan said...

Can't read Ellie's onesie- what does it say?
Yesterday you wrote about chasing Ellie as she drags an IV pole. She already thinks that her tubes are great to play with- she'a a headstrong young lady!!

k8land said...

Dear Cutest Baby on Earth,
You are the cutest baby on Earth. But don't tell my friend Erin--she believes her niece to hold this title. And your onesie is quite becoming. (Reading "Bush & My Diaper are both full of Doodie.") Happy Halloween, cutie!

Adam Hurtubise said...

Love that onesie, Gib.