Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Six Months at Children's

Six months ago today we picked up from Yale-New Haven and moved our operation to Boston.

In that time, we have gone from this:

To this:

Not a bad change if you don't mind the scenery around our girl.

She is worth every change that we have made in the time since we got here and reminds us of that fact lots of times each day with a good giggle or laugh.

Move to Boston? yup.

Sell the house? Yup.

Quit your job? Ask Abby. I'm sure she'll tell you yes.

Spend all of your time either in the hospital, going to or from the hospital or recvering from a night in the hospital? Yup.

She's worth it all.

Besides, what else would you do in this situation?



Rhea said...

Amazing progress when you look at the pictures of six months ago. I just met a Mom at Olivia's hospital who is three months old with SBS, like Olivia. Sometimes you think that you aren't moving in the right direction, until I went back in Olivia's room and saw how big, beautiful, well she's always been beautiful, but now has lots of character. We have all come a long way. Thanks again for sharing!

Martha Brogan said...

Did you choose that picture of our girl as a little baby, deliberately? Even as a little baby, Ellie had attitude!!

Becky said...

I agree with martha!! nice bird!!!

.. on a more serious note .. we've been with you all the way guys .. thanks for making us such a big part of things!! It's amazing how much she has grown!! Love you!!

kate said...

Wow, it sure does seem like a long time ago that you were making your way through the NICU levels at Yale. Where were you guys when you first had the "Hey, I think maybe we should give Children's a call" conversation? We should put some sort of plaque there to mark the site of the best idea ever.