Monday, October 09, 2006

Slow days

Today makes six months.

Not much has changed in the past few days. Ellie is still progressing on her feeds and is up to 10 ml each hour through her J-tube. She seems to be doing well with these and the doctors are still impressed with her weight gain which indicates that she is actually getting some nutrition from her food. We are going to keep advancing her feeds very slowly and see where that takes us. Nobody knows what she can do so we'll see, just not in any hurry. They tell us that the magic number would be close to 30 but none of us think that she she can get there quite yet.

In the meantime we are spending a lot of time with her and learning new tricks like singing, screaming and watching the parade of people go by the door.

We are also going on field trips and seeing the sites.

And taking lots of naps.


Anonymous said...

Bob just said to me, minutes ago, "Do you want to go to Quebec this weekend?" I said, "Yes, maybe," and then looked at the blog. Quebec will have to wait. I need a fix of T.C.B.E.

Martha Brogan said...

6 months! Sometimes it seems like yesterday and sometimes it seems like it was a lifetime ago! No matter what, she is the most beautiful girl!

jack said...

Two of these prictures are star quality. The writing is great, but the pictures are just as great. The picture of Ellie and the flowers, and the picture of Abby and Ellie are contest winners.

What a beautiful...and


jack said...

...and mother.

Barbara Krause said...

I'm at a conference at UVM for a couple of days. Was in the fitness center this morning and FOX news had a special about Children's Hospital. They were going on about the great work that takes place there and I thought to myself, "The other people slogging around on these machines have no idea how true that is!" (Well, at least I don't think they do...)

Happy 6 months. You're an amazing family - writ large and in all the subcomponents!


Emily Phillips said...

Thanks for the information on her surgery. Ellie and the flowers is such a wonderful photograph. Maybe you could print it and hang it up for her to see it from her crib. The photographs of you guys with her are also great too.

Also, I thought that not only was she being adorable but it looks like she was doing a little sign language for the camara. She sure is a cute little girl!