Monday, February 05, 2007

Mobile. With an anchor

Ellie is getting more mobile by the day. She migrates across the room from furniture to furniture and will leave the room every now and then as she walks along the wall. ehr coolest trick is that she will now stand for 5 or so seconds without holding onto anything, long enough to look at us as if to say, 'isn't this the coolest thing?'.

We even lost her this evening when she migrated to the far side of the table with both of us in the kitchen. Her hiccup gave her away.

One of the sad and fortunate things of Gut Girl learning to walk is that her milk pump sits on the floor. She gets up and moves but unless we move her pump backpack, the tube to her G-tube gets taught and she will stop like a boat on an anchor. The tube is attached to her clothes by a safety pin so it doesn’t pull on her belly.

As she gets better on her feet we have been trying the backpack on for size and to see how well she does. We are concerned that it might not be a good thing to put a backpack on an 18+ pound infant and have only done it for limited times until the PT folks tells whether it is okay or not.

She loves the freedom of movement and loves to explore with her new wall walking trick.

Who would have thunk in April that she would do this in February? Every day's fun is extra cool when you think about how far we have come.


kate said...

With the cap and the backpack, she is officially the coolest 10-month-old ever. Awesome.

kate said...

Does anyone else think that in that outfit and cap she looks like a surgeon in scrubs? You should send that picture to your Doogie Howser surgeon at Yale.

Barbara Krause said...

What a way to greet the morning! The backpack picture - and the cap - just too cute!

Jess said...

Hard to believe she's only 10 months old--she looks like such a grown up girl. Good luck with the mobility! She really is amazing...