Saturday, March 31, 2007

49 Weeks in the making

My mother has waited since late April of 2006 to have my whole family together. We tried to get together for Christmas but it was a no-go because of snotty noses.

Today it finally happened.

It didn't seem significant to me until I saw the picture with all of us in it which was a remarkable glimpse of what we should have been doing last summer, fall and winter as we did our time at Children's. But all's well that ends well and we may have to adopt the sign on the wall as our new mantra:

Keep Calm and Carry On.

We had a great time reintroducing Ellie to her cousin Audrey who was born three weeks after Ellie.

Audrey wasn't quite sure of the new baby in her world. My money is on Ellie's precision strikes against Audrey's size.

Our TPN routine has gotten better and tonight's set-up went without a hitch which made us realize that we wish that we had brought supplies for more than one night up here. If this trial run keeps going well we will extend our trips.

It sure is nice to have a lot of hands to watch Ellie and let Abby and I veg a bit. Even for 15-20 minutes it is nice to have some help.


Unknown said...

Three cheers for family and for field trips. Sounds great.

Barbara Krause said...

What a beautiful picture. That one did my heart good. Cheers to a freakin' amazin' family!!