Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another one for the books

Last week a doctor in England published a study that reported that kids with a lot of fish in their diets learn faster than kids without because of the omega-3 fatty acids that build their brains. brains:

This goes right along with what Dr. Puder had suggested earlier this year.

We really didn't have anything to compare it to any have no idea if she is advanced, but today's tricks made us wonder:

This may be another case of normal parent things that we are experiencing for the first time, but it was cool anyway.

We think she is super smart.


Rhea said...

Ellie is smart, plus adorable. Who could ask for more. You guys are amazing and thanks again for sharing your life with many parents, family and friends. I'll make sure that I email you Owen and Olivia's report card when they go to school - one without Omegaven and the other twin with. It will be interesting to see the results.

Anonymous said...

I heard her say "yellow" - no kidding. She is wicked, wicked smaht. Start teaching her now about Krakatau and she can go on Jeopardy someday.

mini and brother said...

I agree, SUPER smart. What a doll!

Barbara Krause said...

Ellie? Ellie is smart? I think that Abby is amazing. And a doll!! Seriously, all beautiful.