Friday, March 30, 2007


We picked the tittle for this post because it is what has saved our daughter's life. She was born with "Short Bowel Syndrome" and there-fore at risk of TPN Associated Liver Disease. We are in contact with many other families that have had the same positive experience with Omegaven.

Please! if you are looking for more information contact Dr. Puder at Children's hospital Boston. We also praise Omegaven through out this blog for saving and protecting our short gut daughter's liver. Please feel free to read on, and please contact us if you have any questions. We would love to help in anyway that we can.

Now that Omegaven has saved our daughter's life we feel the need to help save other kids lives.

A good place to look for more information is the short gut wiki, it is also a good place to find general short gut info.



We leave tomorrow morning for Maine for an overnight stay. It will Ellie's first trip north and my first in over a year. Ellie is very excited, I really think I heard her say "Maine is the best!" right before she went to bed tonight.

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kate said...

The entire State of Maine is on pins and needles. Roll down the window and give us a shout as you drive over the bridge.

See you tomorrow!