Friday, April 27, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

From time to time Gib and I check out the tracker on this blog to see how people find it. It is nice to know that we are mentioned by so many other blogs and it gives us a chance to check out blogs we otherwise would never have found. Well today I found that someone had come to our blog from The blogger's Choice awards web page. I followed the link and found that Ellie's blog has been nominated for "Best Blog of All Time", "Best Parenting Blog" and "Best Health Blog". It was very flattering, thank you to whoever nominated us.

And if you feel like voting for Ellie's blog just click on the link that is in the right hand column and vote. I think you have to sign up to vote, but it only takes a second. Yahoo Ellie's famous!

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Barbara Krause said...

Dear Gib, Abby, and Elly,

Sorry that I have not been on for a while. Busy end-of-the semester stuff. But I had to jump on again and say what a special thing you've done with this blog. I'm glad I know you!

I imagine Ellie will be going to her first Red Sox game very soon. Gotta love what they did to the Yankees. I know, I know; it's only April. But I love it anyway.

Love you, too.