Friday, April 20, 2007

Stairs, the next frontier

Ellie finally discovered the stairs yesterday and hasn't looked back yet (except for the picture)

We have tried very hard to keep her from climbing them until she had very good balance and yesterday we let her roam to the bottom of the stairs to see what she would do. Like a fish to water, this is honestly her first trip up the stairs:

Now the trouble is keeping her away from them. Last night she made a dozen trips up. this morning she started out with a few trips to warm up, and then throws a few in for fun along the way.

All of this activity caused Abby and I bit of distress yesterday evening when I picked her up and she was all sweaty. Sweaty body, sweaty little feet in her little girly shoes. Sweaty kids with central lines are a red flag for infection. Then we figured out that she was just sweaty from her workout. Gotta get her a headband.

She can't go down yet and tries to go head first which ends up with her 'ass over teakettle' as my dad says, but we will teach her soon enough.

It is neat to see her do these things even with all of the hardware on her belly. She slides along the stairs right over her ostomy bag without a hitch. A good onesie makes a big difference but I think that she doesn't know any different and wants to explore.

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k8land said...

(this being Kate from CT) I wish stairs made me this happy. Maybe I don't give stairs enough credit.