Sunday, April 22, 2007

To the park

The last two days have been beautiful here in Massachusetts. Yesterday we loaded up for a walk into town and today we loaded Ellie in the backpack to walk through the woods to the town park where Gus can swim. Yesterday's trip involved a trip to get new sun hat for Ellie. Last year's is way too small:
We are enjoying the sun and starting to make up for a lost summer of baby fun. Ellie loves the trips and sleeps like a rock when we get home which is great for Abby and I.

So does Gus after about 50 trips into the pond to get the ball:


Anonymous said...

With the Brogan dome and the Omegaven super-brain, no wonder her hat is too small! She looks wonderful and I miss her.

Unknown said...

Great pics! This summer will be WAY more fun anyway... I'm sure watching her explore her world while walking and talking will way more than make up for lost time! She is beautiful :)