Friday, June 22, 2007

Sorry we have neglected you.

We have been in Maine for the past week. I will post pictures from that trip soon but here are some pictures from the week before we left. Here is Ellie playing "fetch" with her boy.
After watching them play together I almost went out and bought Gus a huge chunk of steak for being such a good dog. But instead I took him for a swim in the pond. Here are some other shots of us in the yard.Ellie is doing well. She is now at 26 cc an hour with a total intake of milk around 625mls a day, (over 20 onces). We give her solid food once a day, usually before bed. She is over 10 kilos now and getting taller everyday. She also can say, "hi, ok, good dog Gus, all done, thank you, ball, ma ma, da da, Kate, more, yes and no." She usually talks when she wants to and usually resorts to pointing and grunting. No changes with her TPN but she seems to bemuch better managing handling her hydration .


k8land said...

K8 from CT says: Awesome. She looks great! So glad she's learned Kate. Very important! :^)s

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful child...god bless you all and watch over you. We saw your link from our niece's "short gut" site...Nora Thomas. Reading these blogs make you feel like everyone is one big family.

Thinking and of you all and sending you warm wishes from KY.