Sunday, June 24, 2007

A week in Maine

We spent last week in Maine. I spent the days fighting to protect the fish populations in the Gulf of Maine and Ellie and Abby spent their days relaxing and visiting with family. Below is a picture of Ellie getting a feeling of what it is like to be on something that floats.

We didn't get to go on any boat rides this trip but we will next time. Notice her new shoes. They are Croc Mary Janes. This is the only picture that we have of the trip that doesn't include her cousins.

She had a great time playing with her cousins. Unfortunately the pictures aren't here. My brother John, her uncle, is paranoid about having his kids pictures on the internet.

It is funny, the kids didn't really treat Ellie any differently, it was the adults who cringed when any of the kids got close to Ellie. We just had to keep reminding them (the adults) that she isn't made of glass. She is tough, and likes to play, if she doesn't like something then she will let us know. The important thing to remember is that she doesn't realize that she is different yet, but if we treat her differently then she will start to pick up on it.

We had a blast in Maine, the only negative was that we left the charger for her feeding pump up there. We didn't realize it until this morning when the pump died. Thank goodness there is a good net work of short gut families here. We were able to borrow a charger from another family to get Ellie's pump working until ours comes back down from Maine. Oops.

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Greg said...

Have John e-mail me the pics and i will photoshop them. Ellie will be playing next to pixilated blobs