Friday, February 29, 2008

Radioactive Mystery Poop?

Maybe it was the stay at Childrens' or the not-so-gentle effects of the load of radioactive barium that was thrown into her gut this week but Ellie has gotten her bowels in gear since we came home and has graced up with a series of poops each of the last two mornings. To make it even better her unplugged ostomy output has gone down and her urine output has gone up. These are all indicators that the food is finally going through her colon and the water is being absorbed by the colon as it it intended to work. Abby and I have to resist the urge to dance when we hear her poop (yeah, short bowel poops are quite explosive even when they aren't messy)

We don't know why this is happening but so far things look good and we are crossing our fingers for continued, er, movement in the future.

And all of this without reglan which the compounding pharmacy is still filling for us. But don't get me started on compounding pharmacies.


Vanda said...

Good news. I hope things keep working well for the sweetie pie.

Anonymous said...

That's great. We are hoping that things keep movin' for you!