Friday, May 30, 2008

Ah, Home

Yahoo. Home.

I'm not sure which one of us is most relieved that we are home- Ellie, Abby, Gus or I. My guess from this afternoon is that Ellie wins the prize after almost three days of excitement and activity in a new place. Yes she slept well each night but never as well as she did when we got home this afternoon. she was asleep in the car just out of the parking lot and woke up as we came inside just enough to look around and say 'home' and promptly pass out for another three and a half hours. She was a tired girl.

When she woke up she greeted me with monkey noises and lifted the shade to check on her swings. We spent a long time out there this afternoon.

Abby and I have gotten to the point that we more or less draw straws to see who gets to stay at the hospital instead of going home. we both sleep better there than at home in an empty house so a night with the familiar sounds of the pumps is like a sick and weird lullaby. Sort of like parolees who can't sleep without the noise of prison. last nigth I was at Children's and slept very well. Abby is recovering from a night at home and a week of excitement and may take a few days to get back on course.

Gus is by far the easiest one to get back in the groove. A few games of fetch, some treats and a nap on the couch with Abby and he is ready to roll. Best Dog Ever (if you don't count the eating issues....).

So we are home and getting unpacked and getting everything cleaned after being in the hospital. Everything will get washed whether we used it or not and we will be back in gear for tomorrow.

Ellie is a very happy girl and is sound asleep in her own bed. She almost put herself to sleep tonight while Abby set up TPN and was curled up with a blanket and a doll when it was time to hook her up to her new high volume TPN bag that has an extra 500 ml of fluid but only another 130 calories.

Nothing like the home court advantage.


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are home! It really IS a great feeling!!!
Ellie is beautiful, and I ahve to say, Eithene would LOVE to get ahold of such wonderful shoes as those metallic pink boots- my goodness! Hope you are out for another 6 months at LEAST! :)


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you're all back home again and that Ellie is feeling more like herself. Here's hoping for some smooth sailing :)

Becky said...

hey guys! just got caught up (again) ... SO fun to see sweet Ellie -- great news about the poop!! ha ha!!

I need to see video of monkey noises!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are back home. Nothing is better than having the family all back under one roof!
The Maruska Family

Susi said...

What a relief that everything is okay. We are in Germany with dau. Jana - grandau. Julia (our 26 week preemie, now 5.5 yrs) -- and her daddy. It is great to be able to keep an eye on everyone. Yes, those Mainers got the virus, but all is well. It was so nice of you to spend the day with them. I can hardly wait to get to play with those two all summer. Only thing is, I think that little guy is growing too fast for this Nana to lug around. We love all the pictures you post of Ellie. She is a very special little girl to us. Thanks again for all your support to our family. Nana B and Grampy

Holly said...

Glad ya'll are home. Here's to 6 more months and then some!

Ellie just gets more beautiful with every post! Those curls! My gosh, so pretty.