Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Ellie's language is coming along and between her Ellie sign and her ever-expanding set of new words and noises she manages to get her point across very well these days.

Her favorite thing to say these days is 'big poop' (*whether it is true or not) along with her favorite game of going through the alphabet and telling us an animal that begins with each letter either with a word like Hippo, or a sign like alligator. No kidding, she is good for almost every consonant on a few of the vowels.

Today is Abby's birthday. Ellie met her mom this morning with the art project that she and Karlene did together and told her mom 'Hop pee', which made Abby's day.

Hearing something else than 'big poop' was a nice break.

The highlight of the day was our new swing set that Ellie's grandparents got her for her birthday, more or less.

My grandmother got us one when I was little and my mom really wanted Ellie to have one as well. Even though it was raining and gross this afternoon, we brought Ellie out to see it and it was all we could do to get her back in for dinner with a wet bum and soaking hair.

Something makes me think that Ellie will be a permanent fixture on her swings this summer.


MommyNay said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!!!!!!

Stephany said...

way to take one for the team Abby on the wet slide. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Ellie is going to love her swing set!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I wondered upon your page a while ago. I might be getting a g-tube, and the search for information led me here. I've read through your daughter's history, and I am amazed at how happy and healthy she seems to be. You seem like great parents! Congrats on raising a beautiful daughter!

Steph and Dan said...

Happy mothers day Abby and happy late birthday.

Steph, Dan, and Quinn