Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A long awaited play date

We finally had a play date with Christian and his folks. They were up for their 3 month check up and were able to squeeze us in before heading back home.
Christian looks great and it took a while but both kids were finally ready to play with each other just about the time they had to go home. That also could be because it had been a over a year since they had seen each other.
Check out Christian the flirt

It was especially nice to have some time to pick Colleen and Bill's brains on their feeding secrets. Christian weaned off of the pump onto primarily solid foods, very impressive. With Ellie's age, this might be something we are looking at.
It was fun and hopefully we will get to see them when they come up again later this summer.
Thanks Bill for the great pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Yay- Christian and Ellie look so good together! :)

About the manometry- I was thinking of antro-duodenal manometry, not esophageal manometry- if that's not what she's having done to test her intestine's ability to contract, can you tell me what test it is? We are desperately searching for some GI answers over here :( Thanks guys!