Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm 2

Today is Ellie's second birthday!

I'm 2!

Considering the statistics that we were given when Ellie was born, there should be a parade or fireworks today. Two years on TPN, bright smiling, and in the 70th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. Amazing. Cue the band.

We (and our supply omegaven) are a long way from the dreary outlook that we had back in 2006 (link to scary numbers), but we still have a long way to go.

Ellie birthday was dampened by her mothers stomach flu but we still had a good day with her. In fact, we had a better day with a stomach flu than without since I would have traveled to Maryland early this morning if Abby hadn't barfed at 3 AM. It was fairly important trip for me but weighed against possible gastroenteritis, a stay at Children's and a possible line infection, it took about 30 seconds to cancel my plans at 3:05 this morning.

My email to my boss this morning went something like this: 'Abby is sick. If she passes it on to Ellie, Ellie will end up in the hospital. Can you find someone else to pinch hit for me?'

There really isn't an answer to that and the boss was very cool about it. Nothing like a good boss.

Instead of flying to Annapolis I was on Ellie duty keeping her away from her mom as much as I could to keep her from getting whatever bug Abby might have had. Fortunately by dinnertime Abby was eating but still feels lousy which makes us think that it might have been something she ate.

So I spent the day taking Ellie for walks in the sun, playing at the playground and trying to get some work done. A tough triple but I think that I pulled it off. Ellie didn't complain.

Her birthday was low-key again this year and for the second year in a row she had no interest in cake except smearing some frosting on her face. We didn't expect it but gave it a whirl, narrowly avoiding Ellie putting her fingers in the candle flame....

She got a kitchen from her grandparents and we managed to get Ellie a Madeline doll which was better than we had expected.

Abby even got off the couch for presents but quickly returned. She feels better but still rotten.

Her Madeline doll is just great.
A big rag doll with a trademark scar on her belly. Ellie knew exactly what it was and started pointing to her belly as soon as she saw Madeline. With the train tracks that run across her belly, having a doll that is like her but famous might make it a little bit better.

All in all an amazing feat to get here in such good shape. Somehow it hasn't seemed like we were doing anything special.

With a girl like this it all seems pretty easy.
The hard part is going back and reading the posts from back then. It has to be a really good day and usually we end up with Ellie in our lap which reminds us of how good things are.


Kate said...

Hooray! I've stayed up late waiting for a birthday post, and here it is. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you all. It's been 730 astonishing days, and it's very clear that we ain't seen nothing yet. I can't wait to see what the girl accomplishes in the next 730, and the next 7300, and beyond.

To paraphrase a cheesy pop song from long ago, the future's so bright, she's gotta wear a tutu. And fairy wings. And a tiara. And pink metallic cowboy boots.

Susi said...

Oh Ellie, I have been meaning to look up to find out your birthday - only remembering that it was in April - but in case you've been reading camden's blog - Nana and Grampy Brown both got the bad bug and came back to Florida with it... so got a little behind in my blogging. You are a wonder - ful little girl of two. Will make sure that Andy and Tonya got the news of the recall. Hopefully by next Friday, Camden's c-line will be pulled in Boston. Time for another Party!!!

mini and brother said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie!!! What an amazing girl you are. Sending much love from AZ!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!! You are one amazing little girl and we can't thank you enough for being such an inspiration to our family from the very beginning of Nora's short bowel journey. We hope this year is your best year yet!

Stephany said...

Abby - Hope you're back up on your feet soon - Gib - hope you don't catch it :)

And Miss Ellie - Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl dressed all in pink! Here's to many more wonderful birthday celebrations and walks in the sunshine!

Steph and Dan said...

Happy birthday miracle girl. We've loved watching you grow and thrive.
And happy birthday to two amazing parents.

Dan and Steph

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie! Sorry your mom was too sick to really enjoy it, but I suspect you make every day special at your house. We're so grateful that you shared your story to help other kids like Nora. And make sure your parents know that being 2 isn't really terrible:)

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ellie! So thankful for your sweet little life and happy to see you getting so big :)