Friday, April 25, 2008

A long overdue Update

Not a whole lot of news to report over the last week or so, which is just great by me.

No rubber thing yet. We keep looking and hoping but it hasn't emerged. On the upside, we haven't really seen any ill effects of it either. This has led us to doubt if she actually ate it or not, but her pantomime of the swallowing was so convincing that we think it certainly may have happened.

We will likely know for sure on May 26 when the endoscope goes through her and has a look around. Up from the bottom, down from the top and in from the ostomy, they are going to have a look and try to figure out why things keep going out her ostomy even after the revision in January. They are also going to do a colon test over 24 hours to see how well her bowel contracts. This won't be much fun since Ellie will need to be in her crib for 24 hours but with Barney, Kipper, and Maisy we think that Ellie would sit still for ever if we just hit repeat on the magic DVD machine.

Ooooh moving colors....

We are working to get Ellie's feeds increased and are up to about 800 ml of Elecare each day along with three good meals. By our math, this puts her well past the halfway point of food to TPN.

She is growing well and that is a great sign.

Spring is here and I will try to get more pictures of our little girl out and about with her flowers.

As always, no news is good news.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious- is Ellie having manometry done? Thinking abou this for Eithene, so I'd be interested ot hear how it goes! Good luck finding the missing rubber- kids are so fun! ;)