Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This afternoon we went on a wild tour of the hospital with Ellie in a go-cart.  

For the first part of the ride she was content to just sit and enjoy the ride until she saw the playground that lies in the inner courtyard of the building complex.  Then despite her wobbly legs and sore belly, she made it very clear that she wanted to get out and play.  Not just look, play.

So what are two parents to do when their post op-girl tells them that she wants to play?  We got her out and guided her drunken-legged self through the climber and out the other end.  

The girl is coming back.

Then to add to the good news, we made a pit stop in the Patient Entertainment Center for a round of Pac Man and an impromptu dosco session.  Really.  Not that we need much of an excuse but there we were dancing to Abba at 4PM on a Tuesday.

But the crown jewel of Abby and my afternoon was the trip around the 10th floor and Ellie's stop to tell us that she was pooping.   

Yahoo!  Just what we were waiting for.  An enormous, off-color post-op poop.

Out came the NG tube and we are now down to three tubes: a central line, a g-tube and one lonely IV line in her hand for drugs that are incompatible with TPN.

To celebrate we walked some laps of the floor and met Ellie's uncle Fred, the highlight of her day.  
Fred is at the top of her list of favorite people and seeing him was just perfect.

Tonight we are going to switch roles and I am in with Ellie while Abby gets some much-needed home time.  

Ellie said goodbye tonight:  "Goodbye Doctor Mommy!"

Gus is going to lose his mind when he sees his alpha female return.  He has had a long week.  

Almost as long as Abby's.


Sharron April said...


Anonymous said...

and we all cheer for poop again....YEAH!!!

K8 from CT said...

"your life will revolve around poop" And so it does. And to further that point, here you have a cheering section of fans excited for the poop. Love it. Congrats, Brogan family!

Anne said...

Anything associated with Poop has always been special in the Brogan family - Good job Ellie!!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats to Ellie & family on this most recent achievement!!

Matilda's Gang

Kate said...

I'm doing the Poop Dance here in Freeport.

It was the ABBA that did it. Let that be a lesson to you.

Peggy said...

Immense Jubilation going on at the Edwards house! Abba, Pacman, Poop...what a fantastic way to change the guard. Abby, I hope you get some much deserved rest with Gus. But I'm sure no one will really rest until all the gang is home again. Thinking of you all.
PS Would love to get the 411 on your anesthesiologist so I can tuck that into the request book when we head to the O.R. next.

Jessica said...

Hooray for Poop!

Ellie is such a champ- she'll be tearing up the hospital by tomorrow I'm sure... hope you get out of there soon!

Sorry we couldn't stop by yesterday it was almost 9pm by the time discharge finally happened. What a circus.


Stephany said...

I was very excited to see the word Poop as your subject! I knew good things were to follow!
Glad the little one is on the mend!

Anonymous said...

Could we have a photo of the big wheel action?

Sarah Thomas, Nora's mom said...

Awesome news!! I hope Tuesday's poop = Ellie will be home soon, if she hasn't been discharged already. Thanks for keeping everyone up to speed on Ellie and I am so happy that she is recovering so well. Hats off to Super Ellie and her amazing parents!