Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Way to go Omaha!!!!!

Nebraska Medical Center is one of the bigger short bowel centers in the country. And they have started an Omegaven trial. YAHOOOOO.

Here is a quote from the article:

"The Nebraska Medical Center recently began giving it to two children and intends to give it to Braxton and others soon to study its effectiveness. Dr. David Mercer, a transplant surgeon at the hospital, expects to enroll more than 100 children in the study over the next two to five years."

Read the whole story here

On the home front, no news is good news Ellie is doing really well. We have cut her night time hydration down by 2/3 and she is starting to eat more and more solid foods. We are relearning what she can tolerate but she is doing well. More later...


Greg said...

I hope that you sent the link to this blog to the writer of the article to send onto the family. Blog Therapy might help them out too

The MVPs said...

good news all way round, Brogans. Thanks for the updates, keep'em coming!

Lori said...

Dr. Mercer is Caed's doctor! We LOVE him. Glad to hear this great news!!!!!

Lori from TX

Mama Nastase said...

So excited to hear the happy for the patients who are participating in the trial!

Collin's Grandma