Saturday, September 05, 2009

Spoke too soon?

Ellie did great with the ice chips and sips yesterday and last night we hooked her up to her enteral pump to pump in a ounce over night. Yes 1 ounce pumped in slowly over 7 hours. At 4:30 she woke up, pooped and asked to be vented.

Her belly pushed out over 2 ounces of fluid. Not good.

This means that she held on to the 35 we gave her and either produced another ounce of her own fluid or more likely fluid that was backing up in her intestines pushed backwards into her stomach.

Still not good.

So now we wait for rounds to discuss where we go from here. But most probably it will NOT be home.

I can't help feeling that this is our fault, we told everyone we were going home, we told Ellie, we told our nurse, visiting friends, and had ThriveRx come in and do a evening teach on how to do antibiotics at home. We should have known better.

HOME is the worst 4 letter word I know. If you say it too much you will regret it.

Ellie and I are hanging out watching Sleeping Beauty, again. She is happy and currently pooping, so things aren't all bad.


Anonymous said...

CRAP CRAP CRAP!! Sooooo frustrating! You did not cause this, however. It is not completely surprising that a belly that has been NPO for weeks AND gone thru surgery would rebound VERY slowly. Just hope that colon of hers isn't up to some tricks. I feel comfortable with IV Abx and very willing to be there 40 full hours to keep her at home! Missing my girl SO VERY Much!! Love and hugs to you all!
xo Kah

Sarah Thomas, Nora's mom said...

So sorry to hear that Ellie didn't get to go home today and that she's been through such a hard time. She is one tough little sweetie and we're hoping that her bowels wake up soon.
Keeping you all in our thoughts.

Jessica said...

Ah yes, that dirty "H" word. The best recipe I know to make sure that your own bed you do not see... and I'm not even a superstitious person! :)

Hang in there- hopefully Ellie's "super gut" wakes back up in no time and "_ _ _ _" is right around the corner...