Saturday, September 12, 2009


Look! It's a bird....

It's a plane....


On her first real day of preschool.

This is her silly face, it is the face of choice right now.

Things are pretty much the same. We are enjoying or week off of med stuff. We hope the "nice and slow" approach is working. But, we will call Dr. Jennings on Monday to review. Until then we are having a great time and enjoying things just the way they are.

Tomorrow we are going to walk in the MitoAction Family Walk to raise awareness for Mitochondrial Disease. We have met many amazing kids and know many strong families who's lives have been touched my Mitochondrial disease and this is the way we can help. Check out the MitoAction home page to learn more. Our team is called U-Thrive!

Congrats to Liz and Hank on their new baby girl!!

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