Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating in the hospital is a bigger deal than I had expected. Everyone gets out and makes some sort of a visit. In wheelchairs, strollers or somehwere in between there was a true parade of costumed kids going through the hospital this morning.

Ellie started out her morning as a loster with her mom the chef. They told us that if we carried her around in a pot that they would have to call child services, but we thought about it.

She was joined by her monkey friend Christian and his Mom:
After a little while, the little lobster started to get cooked and we switched costumes.

A fisherman and the catch of the day:

Catch of the day, fully cooked:


Sophie said...

This is the best post ever! Love the costumes and the costume change.

Sophie said...

I just realized you are wearing the chef hat we got you for your wedding shower!!! How funny!

Barbara Krause said...

Damn! What a bunch of cute pictures. Gib and Abby: you, too! I was telling someone today about how you all are the most amazing family I know. I've been such a slug about getting to Boston for another visit - I am so grateful to you for letting us all stay in touch through the blog.

I'm getting a steady stream of trick-or-treaters at my new home in Saratoga Springs. I want to tell all the parents and their little ones that the REAL party is at Children's.

Love and hugs,

Jess said...

Thanks for putting a much needed smile on my face! It's hard to be down when looking at your goofy, and beautiful, girl. Happy Halloween!

Rhea said...

I love the one of Abby and Ellie. Maybe Red Lobster should use them in a commerial. I'm sure that it would increase their business.

jack said...

Both outfits are great. Ellie in the fish costume is like a scary dream out of "JAWS." Gib, remember when I was "jowls?"

We had a spur of the moment Halloween party at our house. Jeremey and Brian as astronauts. Martha said to Brian, (not yet three), "Brian, thank you vry much for coming to my house?" Brian said, "It was my pleasure!"

I knew that Ellie would be up by herself before you expected it. Be careful, for God's sake, next she'll be using the crib bar for gymnastic's practice.

Great, uplifting pictures. She is a beautiful child.


kate said...

I think she looks more like a mini version of Land Shark.

Jeff & Jan said...

those are the cutest pictures ever! i love that lobster costume!

good pics to bring out when she's 16 to embaress her in front of her boyfriend hehehe.