Sunday, December 17, 2006

Field trips

Ellie is only on TPN for 14 hours a day these days. Which means that every day at 8 AM she is free as a bird until 6 PM when we need to reconnect her.

That means we can go on field trips and in the last week we have been to the doctor's office, the hospital, the mall, and Babies R' Us.

Today we needed a Christmas tree and off we went to the tree selling place.

Ellie preferred to ride inside of my coat with my hat on:

We have a beautiful tree and will decorate it bit by bit as we have time in the coming days.

Ellie digs the lights. Almost as much as she digs Gus, the dog, who is being an angel around her.


Tunny said...

Great to hear that everything is going so well - I KNOW how tiring it can be and we didn't have the TPN to deal when Naomi came home with but Ellie's smile must make it all worthwhile.
Just don't forget to accept all the offers of help from wherever they come - I'm sure some of your friends would be delighted to help with the drudge stuff like cleaning the house or doing some ironing for you because as you same ELlie is more than a full time role - please do say yes to any offers or you could get too exhausted to remember what comes next in the routine (speaking from experience!!) - wish I was close enough to lend a hand too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I am so happy that you are finally home and living life as a family, it's well earned. We'll be here on Thursday, if you have a chance to stop by we'd love to see you. If not, no worries. You just keep enjoying being home and we'll be thinking about you.


Unknown said...

She looks GREAT, in these adorable photos, and of course, even more so in real HOME! Y'all are amazing, and it is obvious in her constant giggle. It was great to see the Brogan Bunch. I'll get you a CD of photos soon to add to your collection.

Sophie said...

The eyelashes make me melt. She gets prettier everyday!!!

Barbara Krause said...

This girl is too freakin' cute. OK, the parents are kinda cute, too. I am so happy for you.


jack said...

I knew Gus would love Ellie. After living with him for several days I came to the conclusion that he is much brighter than an ordinary dog. I has a way of figuring things out like no other dog I've known. What I couldnn't have anticipated though was Ellie's reaction to Gus. I was there for the clash of the titans, the first time the child ever laid eyes on Gus. That girl smiled and cooed. She reached out to Gus. She pattet him and never blinked, I swear, when that long tail whapped her in the face. I had reservations about Gus and Ellie, but after that initial meeting, they were gone. It was love at first sight.

Keep up the good work, Gus. The girl loves you.

Anonymous said...

Wait til she decides to ride the dog, like Brian and Jeremy do. He'll be bowing at her feet, like the rest of us.