Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Slow and steady on the homefront

Things are moving much more slowly since we have come home. We are settled into the daily routine and are streamlining our techniques to do Ellie maintenance on the fly. Other than learning the new routine, there is very little to report.

Ellie is starting to expand her diet and we offered her rice cereal a few days ago. We even think that some of it went down to her stomach and to her gut in addition to the bunch that ended up on her party dress.

Hopefully this hasn't tied things up below too much but we are on the poop watch again hoping for a dookie in the diaper since it has been a little while.

We got the go ahead to give her some Cheerios, too. We have been waiting for this for a long time and it is a glimpse of what other babies do at 8 months.

Christmas was great and we had a house full of family here to share Ellie's first Christmas with us. She is quite a ham and is learning to clap her hands in response to any round of applause that comes her way.


kate said...

Cheerios! It's a whole new world!

I swear, in that Christmas dress she looked like a Who down in Who-ville. Is she still coughing at you for laughs? What a girl.

Unknown said...

She is absolutely a who. And the cutest who ever. I was really looking forward to Christmas Ellie--thank you!!

Martha Brogan said...

Having spent Christmas with Ellie, I disagree when you say that there is very little to report.
How about a movie, showing Ellie on a quilt, crouching over a toy, half standing with her bum inches off the ground or a movie of Ellie clapping- she is so proud of herself! She is a real ham!

Ben April said...

How about, "Ellie Lou Who" :-)