Sunday, December 10, 2006

T-minus 1 Day

We are in the final stages of ending this round in the hospital and starting up where we should have begun a little less than 8 months ago. You have a baby, you spend a few days in the hospital and you go home, scared shitless and not knowing what to do with this new baby.

We have the scared shitless part down. On the other hand, I guess that we are lucky that we know what we are doing with Ellie, how she acts and what to expect, at least for now. Taking home an 8 month old is a lot easier than taking home a newborn.

We have nurses all lined up to meet us when we get home tomorrow and they will be with us for the overnights for the first two weeks at least. Somehow issues in the middle of the night are scarier than during the day and having a nurse on hand will make the transition a lot easier. We will see how much help we need and adjust after the first two weeks.

Having a nurse in our house would have seemed foreign before our time at Children's, but in the past few months the nurses have become our friends and we will really miss them. We will miss them for the great care that they gave Ellie and also for the way that they treated us and how they love Ellie like we do. I am afraid that there may be tears on both sides as we leave tomorrow and taking Gut Girl out to see the world.

But we will be back.

That is a certainty since Ellie has a hole in her belly that needs to go away and also because we have learned that short gut kids are back in the hospital fairly regularly.

Just a fact of life. Sort of like Cheers- the kids are bigger and doing different tricks, but everyone knows their name.

So now we wait and hope that we don't have any hiccups.

The plan is to get the works moving in the AM and hopefully we will be out the door by lunchtime.

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