Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Just a quick note to wish all our friends and family a happy Valentine's Day.

Ellie is having a great day watching the snow/rain fall. We have had such a mild winter that she has never really had a chance to see that much snow. We are hoping that the snow will stick around long enough for her to try out her new sled.
She is spending the day seeing how far she can get on the first floor and trying this new thing called standing up and letting go. Her current record is about 30 seconds. She gets really excited and we get a little nervous. But she is definitely having a good time.
Thank you to all our friends, family and complete stangers out there who have been following Ellie's story over the past year. We have felt very loved and supported. I know Ellie would like to give you all a big wet open mouthed kiss. Thank you and happy Valentine's Day! XOXO


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! She's wicked, wicked cute. See you soon.

Sophie said...

Happy Valentine's Day to Ellie!! Those eyelashes make me melt!

Barbara Krause said...

See there you go thanking all of us, when your strength and determination - and above all, your humor - have been gifts to all of us. Thanks for this beautiful post from a beautiful family. If you wanna see snow, we've got over two feet of it in the past 24 hours.

Astraea said...

She looks adorable in the outfit! Valentines don't get any sweeter.