Tuesday, March 27, 2007

To Boston to Boston…

Tomorrow we head to Children’s for a non-medical visit. This visit has two parts and we are looking forward to both of them for different reasons.

In the morning we will OFFICIALLY DO NOTHING COOL.


In the afternoon we will be going to a memorial service for Carol, one of the great nurses at Children’s who passed away this winter after fighting cancer. Carol’s first day back to work after chemo was our first day at Children’s. She was a great friend and helped us as we went through some really bad stuff making decisions about Ellie’s care. She truly loved Ellie and was an outspoken advocate for her. After her cancer came back last fall and she was not working she would make a point of visiting Ellie when she came to the hospital around her visits to Dana-Farber. Unfortunately, we could not go to her funeral earlier this winter because Ellie was back in the hospital after her prolapsed ostomy.

She loved the tiny bits of progress that Ellie made and would really get a kick out of the smiling happy girl that is at home right now ( Video Link1) learning to walk (Video link2) and the little girl in the pink dress that will be giggling at her memorial service.

We miss her.


jack said...

The before and after pictures are dramatic. And the walk. Oh, boy. Hold on to your hat. That girl is mobile.
I'll tell her cousin to get with the program.

The girl is remarkable. She lifts my spirits.

Keep on.

Unknown said...

Thanks for continuing to share your daughter with us. Her progress really is amazing. (Although I hope those pharm folks aren't Yankees fans, else they could blame the before on the Sox getup). It's great how much you all have learned and shared. I'm honored to be a witness (testify!)

Emily Phillips said...

Wow! That so great to see Ellie walking and she's not even a 1 year old yet! She will probably be riding a bike at 3 years old and ice skating! Ellie is definitely a super baby. You guys are such a great parents, Ellie is really lucky to have you as her parents.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about Carol. It sounds like she was an incredibly caring lady and a great nurse.
The videos of Ellie are ADORABLE. What a doll!