Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Week

Gib was working in Mystic all last week so we didn't have much time to do any new posts, so sorry about the delay. Ellie and I did join Gib in Mystic for the first night, it was Ellie's first time in a hotel. She loved the hard bed that she could bounce around on. We had a good time and got to see some old friends. Ellie got some more time at the aquarium and I found out that she doesn't need me to get around. She was walking laps around the coral tank and having long conversations with the fish. Ellie is doing great and seems to be handling the decrease in PN without a hitch. Her birthday was also a big day in that we got to turn her car seat around.

Now that she can see you when you drive she likes to talk to you about her day. I can't understand anything she says, but it all sounds very important. She is also very helpful when Gib is doing the laundry,(yes Gib does all the laundry, now who's the saint?) she likes to wait until you have all the clothes folded and in the basket to go up stairs. Then she slowly unpacks the whole basket, making sure that nothing is folded when she is done.
All in all doing well. I have my first soccer game of the season tomorrow so I doubt that I will be doing well after that, but oh well. We were also hoping that Ellie would get to see her first Boston Marathon on Monday as it runs right by our house, but that little nor' easter that is on it's way might put a hitch in that plan. We will see.


Barbara Krause said...

Yet another great post. Beautiful pics - great to hear all the good news. The silhouette of Ellie and the fish was terrific.

For some reason I haven't been able to post to the blog lately; I finally set up a new account, so this should work.


mbrogan said...

For years, John (and you?) lived out of a laundry basket instead of a bureau-you've started Ellie on the same path- she does a great job unloading the laundry.
Beautiful pictures! Now that Ellie is riding in her car seat like a big girl, is she ready for another trip to Maine?