Friday, June 05, 2009

Cross your fingers, Cross your toes

We have been told that today is the day. So knock on wood, cross your fingers, see a penny pick it up, do all that good luck stuff and hopefully we will be heading toward the door soon.
The view from Ellie's bed
Sorry about the last post, it was supposed to be video of Ellie riding a big wheel all around our floor. But try as we might we can't get it to load as anything other than a picture. Oh well, trust me it was good to see.

I was joking with one of the nurses that they should pay us to come in once a week and have Ellie ride her bike down the hall or race the big wheels around, just to show all the new parents how normal (sorry Gib, Typical) she is.

So now we start the wait. The discharge wait. We are very used to the fact that when they tell you that you will be discharged today, even though it doesn't seem like there is that much to do, it will take all day. If we are out by 2pm we will be doing really well.

This is Ellie's bed here at the hospital. She is very into the Fancy Nancy books and wanted her room here to be "fancy." She got a lot of help with balloons from her Aunt Beth, and her boyfriends Max and Christian. We also got to see some friends while we were here, Chase is here getting rid of a line infection and so we were lucky enough to be able to spend some time with him and his folks.

Well we're off for a few laps around the floor while Ellie and I wait for Gib to get here and for everything to fall in to place for us to get OUT A HERE!


Peggy said...

We'll do the discharge dance for you...maybe there should be quick entry/exit lane for frequent travelers. Swipe your card at the double doors that also validates parking. One step, and presto! discharged!

Esra loves Fancy Nancy too. We're up to Children's for a sleep study and other visits on June 18th. If all parties are well, we should get together for a "fancy" party.

Steph and Dan said...

Good luck. We'll be thinking about you guys today wishing you a speedy exit.


Erin said...

I think the video of Ellie on the trampoline ought to be required viewing by any new short gut parent. It made the first weeks after Blaise's diagnosis so much easier for us.

Congrats on a (knock on wood) straightforward surgery and speedy recovery!

Nicole said...

Hello-Thank you for sharing Eleanor’s story, it’s amazing what such a small child can go thru.

I actually came across your blog while researching something else. My daughter has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and there is a person who is claiming to have a child with JRA and cancer…and the story isn’t adding up…while looking thru the pictures he has that he claims are his “daughter” going thru treatments, kidney transplants, etc, we found a picture that we were able to link back to your site and it’s actually a picture of Eleanor who this person is claiming is his daughter Leah.

The picture you have on this post of Eleanor in the hospital bed is one of the ones they are using.

I don’t want to upset you, but this person has made up stories indicating they have children with the same disease our kids have and we now find out that they are using pictures of children out there who really do have these diseases and are going thru these battles. I just thought you should know.

If you would like anymore info, please feel free to contact me.