Friday, October 20, 2006

An early morning

Ellie's new favorite trick is to sit up in her crib and hold on to the railing to watch the world go by and play with the toys that are attacjed to the rail.

One hand on the toy, one hand on the rail. Drop the toy. USe the other hand to pick it up. Try switching hands and fall over. Repeat.

Fortunately these pictures, which were taken at 7:20 in the AM matched up nicely with the nurses shift change so she had double the number of folkscoming to visit. Her squeals of joy were apparently loud enought hat they heard them down the all near the elevators.

She had an upper GI dye study done today. No great revelations. Her bowel is still big and holding onto things for too long which surprised the radiologist. Not us, though.

When we get her kidneys working at full speed, we will think about the surgery that we had scheduled and cancelled for today.


Martha Brogan said...

i was just thinking that we needed a Ellie fix- thanks for the pictures.

Tunny said...

Hi - sorry to hear that the antibiotics are having an adverse effect - she's on some pretty yucky drugs there - Naomi used to be in Gent or Vanc if she had a line infection but they took her off as soon as it went. The ones we used orally for gut decontaminations were Metronydazole and Trimethoprim both of which (i think) focus on the gram -ve bacteria which used to affect Naomi worst and we would deal with the gram +ve bacteria if they got in the line. Did you get my e-mail a few weeks ago about bowel surgery - Ellie is very like Naomi and her Bianchi surgery was a real turnaround point in the functioning of her bowel it has to be something they would consider (or the STEP procedure which seems to be successful too). The pictures are great - looks like you'll have to make the cot bars higher soon or she'll be out and wanderign round the ward!!
((hugs)) Tunny