Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Show off time.

Hello all Ellie fans here is a picture and some video of Ellie showing off for the nurses right before bed.

She is doing great and her blood work is looking like everything is slowly getting back to normal. We were told it may take weeks so we are just spending our time playing with our little girl and just waiting. It's not a bad way to pass to the time if you ask me.

We are also still giving her bottles everyday which she loves, they are still very small amounts but baby steps are ok.

Here are some videos for you all also. Taken right before bed while she was flirting with the nurses.




Oh, and this is Gib and Ellie playing in bed together. She sure is a charmer, she can get what ever she wants, including her very long dad to fit into a very short bed.


k8land said...

These are great--thanks for continuing to share your daughter with all of us. Love those squeals o' glee...if we can just locate a dolphin to translate...

kate said...

I would pay money to see the full-length picture of Gibby in the crib.

Or even better, a video of the process of getting Gib into the crib in the first place.