Saturday, October 14, 2006

A little bit of progress

This week we have successfully advanced Ellie's feeds up to a level close to her largest rate ever and today she went up to 12 ml per hour. The experts tell us that her magic number is around 30 so she is around 40 percent of her goal right now. A big bit of progress.

Now the trick is to keep her up there and hope that she doesn't react strongly to this level of food.

So far the signs are good that she is okay- she is poopoing well and reglarly and seems to be comfortable with her foods.

Gotta love the peristalsis.

On the downside, the amount of liquid that is in her G-tube catch (where her stomach juices end up) has increased in the last week to levels that make us curious about what the cause is. It could be food backing up from her bowel or it could be more stomach secretions in reaction to the nasty anti yeast drug that she is on, called Amphiteracin, or 'amphiterrible' as another mother has called it.

We hope that it is a reaction to the drug and think that this is the case since the big increases in fluids happened a day after the amphiterribke started. Seems like cause and effect to me. She finishes with the amphi later this week and we hope that her residual fluid levels come back down after the nasty drug is done.

Still no final word on her surgery which is scheduled for Friday. It is still in pencil and can be changed. We'll talk to the doctors this week and come up with a revised plan.

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