Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just hanging

We are still waiting for Ellie's kidney function to come back up to speed. Right now her creatinin has come back down to 0.3 from a high of 1.0 but we would like it to come down a little more and stay there fopr a while instead of the fluctiations that we have seen in the last two weeks. The signs are showing that things are moving in the right direction but we're not quite there yet.

As soon as things settle down, it looks like a nother round of surgery is in the works to open tings up and keep food from pooling in her bowels and acting like a huge petri dish for nasty bugs.

Since she needed to come off of antibiotics two weeks agao, her belly bugs have been growing steadily and need to get flushed out.

Hopefully a stoma/ostomy surgery will open things up and control,the bugs before they can cross over, or 'translocate' to her blood stream where they cause more serious problems.

Still we are very lucky to have a little girl that is very happy and very fun to be with. She charms us every day and is moving right along towards being a happy little girl that laughs and sings. She sits for long tikes now and it thinking about taking steps when she stands, even though Abby and I are not very excited about chasing a walking baby with an IV pole. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Wow, does she look like Gib in that picture.

Tunny said...

I think she'll keep you all busy if she gets mobile on TPN!! How about combining the IV pole with a babywalker and letting her push her own!!

Gib and Abby Brogan said...

I already have the idea in my head to combine the stroller and the IV pole. A baby walker and a pump can't be that hard.

Martha Brogan said...

have you contacted Oley to see what they have? She's going to be a wild woman once she's mobile!