Monday, August 14, 2006

Body language

The doctors have told us that we are going to become the best indicators of ellie's condition as we move along through her treatment and that we will have to give feedback along the way to keep her from having troubles.

Lesson number one- when you see this face, take cover, there's barf in the offing and it is coming with force.

Fortunately this was false alarm. Posted by Picasa


Barbara Krause said...

Hey there, Gib, Abby, and Ellie,

I think that in addition to counting hits on this site, we should be able to track references to barf, gas, poop, and other key words. There has to be a record in there somewhere. Oh, and add in cute pictures of a baby girl.

You're in my thoughts - even if I've been a slug about getting to Boston for another visit. Hang in there.


Barbara Krause said...
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