Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Smooth surgery

Ellie had her surgery this mornong to have another central IV line installed. We were in by 7 and out by 11, smooth as silk with no nasty after effects. we advised the anesthesiologist about her morphine issue (I refuse to say my daughter has a morhine problem) and they listened to us and modified her care accordingly. I guess that it is true that you are you kid's best doctor and nurse.

The new line is in her chest like the other line, but on the right side of her sternum instead of the left.

She still has the IV's just in case (including the scalp IV) and will keep them for a few days until they come out. No reason to lose them if they are good sites.

A few more weeks of antibiotics and we will get back on the road to adaptation.

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Martha Brogan said...

Way to go, Ellie!
Jack and I will be there today to play with you.