Friday, August 25, 2006

Under Contract

We got great news from Connecticut this morning. After two days on the market (after a new kitchen floor it wasn't available to be shown until Wednesday) we got an offer for our house. A couple saw it, loved it like we do and offered just a bit more than the asking price. We are silly but not stupid and happily accepted and signed an offer this morning. Signed dealed, delivered. Done deal.

We will close in late September and officially be relocated to Boston.

My how things move when they get in gear.

The remarks from the buyers were just great and they thought thte house was fantastic.

Thank you to everyone who helped us polish it this weekend and make it look so great. I am still getting the mud out from my fingernails but it was all worth it.

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k8land said...

Wow! Congrats to you all. That was quick (damn, we're good). We'll sure miss you, but glad you're not going to be too far away.