Friday, August 04, 2006

What? Me sick?

Ellie's infections continue todayand it looks like her central line will be removed this faternoon or this evening, whenever there is a slot for her in the OR.

The real bad guy right now is a persistent yeast infection in her line and her blood which is being kept around by the central line itself, which acts like a reservoir for the bugs. Getting it out will hopefully let her clear the infection faster and then she will get another line put in as soon as the bugs clear up. It may be weeks before this ahppens though since the bugs are so entrenched in her.

The good news is that the central line site isn't gone forever and the site could be used in the future after it gets a chance to heal and recover.

In the meantime, Gut Girl, just keeps on smiling and making faces at the line of people that come to see her and do things to her.

A nice video from this morning is on YouTube:

It may be mid afternoon on Friday before it is up.


Stephany said...

Ok first off those socks are just adorable! She is so precious, and happy and that has to make you two feel just good inside to know that despite everything she's happy, giggling, laughing and smiling. The video was great Gib - nice save Abby on the fall backwards!

Hoping all goes well with her central line!

Emily Phillips said...

Wow what a great video! Ellie is such a doll! I thought I heard her say a word on the video. Emily

Becky said...

pa-recious. soooo cute!!! I love the video, the dress, THE SOCKS! She's such a trooper, I'm so proud of her for being in such good spirits through all of this. What a sweety!!!

Martha Brogan said...

Jack and I spent yesterday with Ellie-she truly is an amazing little girl. Lots of smiles and squeals, she's thinking about rolling over. Children's is a special place-I wonder if Dr. Puder lives there- think that he has visited Ellie every day that we've been there, usually on week-ends.