Sunday, January 21, 2007

67 Hours

That is how long we lasted before returning to Children's this time. Ellie's suture line has gotten infected and started to open up this afternoon.



Not good.

We grabbed the 'go bag' with PJ's toothbrushes and some stuff for Ellie and called as we drove. We were seen right away at Children's. 11 miles is a nice distance and we are very glad that we descised to move to Masschusetts.

It seems that somewhere along the way the cut that they have used to open up her belly (the one that I think needs a ziploc opening) got some bugs in it that have grown and ultimately opened up her stitches.


Her wound got cleaned and dressed and we are here for a few days of serious IV antibiotics because we don't want to have those bugs go elsewhere in her system.

Ah, Children's........

She is happy and smiling all the way through. The ER docs didn't want her to leave. Just stay and smile at them.


Martha Brogan said...

S--- happens. I'm so glad that you are not in CT. hang in there.

Unknown said...

Well crud. But 11 miles is pretty smooth. Nice work as always. Abby, deep breaths during the bottle process. We're thinking of you back in CT, and while we miss you, are glad you are in MA right now.

Barbara Krause said...

Crap. Or should I say something like "ooze". My boss, the prez here at Skidmore, has a chocolate lab named Summit. We were doing some traveling together and I was telling him about the Gus and Ellie video clips. Summit has a bit of the alpha male thing going and I think he might eat a new baby. So good that Gus is a gentle guy. I'm thinking of you all. Courage!!

Hugs, Barbara

Jess said...

Well that baby in, the other one out. You guys and the Marshalls are due for some serious, quality time at home. My fingers are crossed, as always, and I'm impressed with your strength, as always. I hope to see you at home soon.

G. April said...

You guys might want to get business cards made with the web address of this blog. That way you can give it to the ER Docs (if they want her to stay and smile at them she can from HOME!). You know that her newly toothed grin will be the wallpaper on every PC in that hospital by the end of the day!

Kit VW said...

Hey Guys. Hang in there. Remember, as Homer Simpson says, "America's health care system is second only to Japan, Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, well...all of Europe. But you can thank your lucky stars we don't live in Paraguay!"
-- K