Sunday, January 14, 2007

Damn it!!

After our first update from the surgeon (see post below), Ellie decided to show off her strong belly muscles and popped out her ostomy again.

Son of a......

So it is time for real surgery. They will open her up through her old scar (they should put a ziploc on that thing) and pull the ostomy back in from the inside and put new stitches around the ring to hold it in place.

It will be a few hours before they are done and we are settling in in the waiting room while they take care of business.

Then we head back to our hospital family on 8 west. We made every plea in the book to get back there and it look like there is a bed for Ellie when she is done with surgery.

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Martha Brogan said...

Amazing how quickly s... happens. The nurse saw Ellie yesterday morning, Ellie played with her cousins during the day and by 9pm, she's back at Children's. She's a tough girl-