Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another visit

We made it almost 48 hours this time.

Ellie woke up this morning feeling great and calling for her 'ma ma ma ma'.

As we did her normal 45 minutes of maintenance and dressing changes we noticed that the site around her central line was red and had some red and off-white discharge (on my list of yuck words).

The central line is high stakes bingo and we have learned not to mess around with it. Since we had only been home for a day and a half we took the high tech route and took some digital pictures of the site and sent them to the nurse who is the guru of line care.

We hoped that a check of the pictures would tell us that this is normal and not to worry and ultimately save us a trip to Children's.

No such luck.

We have a 1:00 PM appointment this afternoon to have it looked at.

The 'go bag' is in the car in case we need to use our Children's frequent flier cards for another stay.

Unfortunately, this doesn't get us any free trips or even a toaster for our repeat business.


G. April said...

Are you saying that they don’t even have hats!? How disappointing!

Hang in there you four (Gus is included in that), this speed bump might have turned out to be a rumble-strip, but your working with a lot of professional drivers (you know, the ones that you see in car commercials)! And they are going to get you back into the carpool lane before you know it.

PS: If you needed a toaster just say so! I’m sure that somebody could get you one

Mikele said...

Maybe a punch card?