Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is this home or Home away from home?

We are settled back on the 8th floor, two doors down from where we lived until the beginning of December. We have the same nurses, the same staff and almost the same view that we had before.

Ellie is doing as well as we could expect but pain is always an issue with her after a surgery and that made last night's long night even longer. Once again we are playing catch up with the pain monster but are much further ahead of it than we were last time. She is getting her morphine and has finally gotten a little bit of sleep this morning.

We are trying out hardest to stay away from being the pissed off parents who had to return to the hospital. It seems like return visitors get angry that they have to come back We are glad that this is our hospital and really glad that we are back with our team of nurses. I think that the nurses are are used to seeing grumpy parents and seem to be treating us apologetically.

We are not grumpy and know that this is just part of the game and that there is nothing that we could do to avoid this. Shit happens.

Ellie will sleep today and tonight and then we will think about feeding her again. Hopefully we won't have to start at square one again.

Two steps forward, two steps back.

You do the short gut hokey pokey and you turn yourself around.

That's what it's all about.


mini and brother said...

So sorry for what you are going through... we are all hoping for a short stay and a quick return home where she belongs.

Sophie said...

Looking forward to a speedy recovery so you can head back to the homestead! I will call this week to check in!

Anonymous said...

Here's the story I just heard from Gramma Brogan: Punchy from the morphine, Miss Ellie saw her old friend Dr. Puder and got up to dance the hokey pokey! Sound the alarm if there's anything anyone can do (especially me). Uncle Bob says hi! I love you.

Awesome Mom said...

That sucks big time! It is nice to be with people that know you when you are in the hospital. I try and make sure that all my son's procedures are done at the same place because it is hard having to deal with something scary and new nurses and doctors all at the same time. I hope that she has a speedy recovery.

Steph and Dan said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're back at Childrens. I hope this goes smoothly and you are able to moonwalk back put of there soon. Thank you so much for the comfort blanket you brought for Quinn. I'm so sorry I missed you when you stopped in to visit. We most likely have to come back to childrens in 5 weeks for more heart work so maybe we can come visit you .... at home. Good luck and take care. We're thinking about you all.