Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Foods

Feeding Ellie is a trial and error experiment in two parts- what she will eat and what that food does to her tiny little short bowel system.

We tried rice cereal with her while back and had mixed results. She didn't quite know what to do with food in her mouth but swallowed some of it before spitting the rest back. Honestly, the stuff tastes like watery cream of wheat with too much salt so I am not surprised that she isn't so keen on it. Then in part two, her ostomy started spewing out more liquid, which made us slow down on it for while.

Today we tried again and will see what it does.

Today we also tried bananas for the first time and you can see what her reaction was in the video . Hopefully fruit will be a good thing for her.

Apples were fun and she will suck on a chunk through the mesh before putting it down for Gus to find and slobber all over. We're not sure what it does to her GI tract.
Watching her eat is always good fun:

We are going very slowly and will add stuff as we go if it works for her and works in her.


Becky said...

Hey Guys!!

Just checkin' in!! I LOOOOVE the videos!! It's so fun to hear sweet Ellie laugh!! She's a giggler for SURE!!

Give lots of kisses and hugs from The Beaches!!! :)

Tunny said...

Good Luck on your own - Hope you get help soon but you know you can do it yourselves until then.


P.S. Bananas can be wierd with SBS - ripe ones seem to make stools worse but green ones seem to help for lots of people!!