Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're home

We got the okay to go home from Children's today and got home just before five this afternoon, in time to set up Ellie's TPN for the night and have dinner at home, which Abby's sister cooked for us.

Ellie missed her dog and her coffee table.

Abby is exhausted from the last few days and I am on for tonight. As we left the hospital today, we realized that she hadn't left the hospital building since we got there on Saturday.

Shitty but I had to go to work. Work pays the Blue Cross fairy who takes care of the number with two commas....

And just as I had hoped, we got approved for MassHealth and its nursing today. We will start the ball rolling and hopefully will have night nurses again sometime soon. Ah, night nurses....

Ellie surprised everyone at the hospital with her growth. She weighs 8.47 kilograms for our science geeks and those in the real world, or 18.63 pounds for everyone in the US.

The nutritionist even wants to try a night off of PN each week after we settle down from this round of fun.

Hopefully we can get back to our home routine and get her out for walks if the weather warms up a bit like we did the day before her ostomy prolapsed:


Unknown said...

Welcome home! No matter where she is, she is adorable. But I'm thrilled y'all are back home. Hooray!

Sophie said...

Glad to hear you are back home with the coffee table, dog, and all the other wonderful things that home offers. XO

Martha Brogan said...

So glad that you are home. Hope that it warms up so you can go for a run. Great pictures, especially the one of just Ellie- she looks like she is full of beans- enjoy the peaceful days 'til she walks because she has plans for you!1eleanor

G. April said...

A very special tanks to the Magical BlueCross Fairy that can make the number with the two commas go POOF! But these pics are worth a number with 3 or 4 commas in it so your bills are covered. And Gib, keep doing that work thing for the love of Pete! We don’t want the Fairy to get upset!

Welcome home!