Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ah, morphine, sweet nectar of the opiate gods

At 4:30 this mroning we finally decided that enough was enough, our little girl had seen enough hurt for a while, and started up the morphine drip. Very slowly at first, but then building to a full dose, she is now on the magic juice and, for the most part of pretty comfortable and sleeping the day away.

She is much bigger than the last time she had problems with opiates and this time she seems to be doing much better. Her heart rate and breathing are solid and she is only a little bit dopey. I wish we could give her more dope right now but we are being cautious because of her history. She is on a steady drip of morphine with a button to push for more every ten minutes or so. The trick is to get ahead of it and stay ahead of it to stay away from the really bad pain.

In a few days things should settle down and we can think about weaning her off of the heavy drugs.

Right now we want her happy, quiet and dopey.

Hopefully this is the low point in the recovery from this surgery and we can have better days from here.

In the never dull world of Ellie, though, you just never know.


Martha Brogan said...

It was good to see Ellie this morning, working out on her bink and even better to read that the morphine has kicked in- get some sleep- she'll be doing better tomorrow- she'a a tough girl and you two are nothing short of amazing!

G. April said...

I have problems with Opiates too, there are other drugs to kill the pain but Morphine with the right dose is hands down a godsend! Enjoy the buzz little one!

Anonymous said...

Dull, please. A tall order of dull for me, and for the three of you. Here's to a long, luxurious holiday season in which we bask in the joy of Ellie in her Santa suit. It's coming, honest. And the presents ... oh, the presents. Mom stopped in Kittery on her way home for some retail therapy. Gee, I wonder what she bought???

Anonymous said...

Gib – I caught up on the Short Gut News earlier this morning. Some great initial news about Ellie’s surgery! You and Abby are blessed to have daughter that is such a fighter and a charmer. And, Ellie is especially blessed to have such devoted, involved and loving parents. By sharing your stories about Ellie's struggle and improvements, you have blessed me by reminding me about what is truly important in life. I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

Barbara Krause said...

Great to hear that Ellie is doing well and that Martha is shopping. Wishing Ellie and all of her supporters a very special Thanksgiving.