Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reactions to the WSJ Omegaven Story

I found two interesting posts on other blogs tonight about the omegaven article:

I am glad that others see the strong arm ideas of the company as being inappropriate. I am working on a letter to the Journal. I will post what I submit.

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jack said...


I'm wondering if it's time to set the Brogan letter writing team in motion. Just think of the rath and venom we could bring down on that company. Remember that letter to the vice principal in Freeport, or the letter to the harbor master. Consider the lot of us like your guard dogs, just sitting here behind our computers and on command we'll tear that company limb from limp. like the letter that you send to the company and then you send courtesy copies to the Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Brunswick Times, CNN, The Coastal News, (but not Fox News), you get the picture. If I send a letter I will include the latest picture of that wonderful kid, just lying in her crib with her foot in her mouth like any other happy baby. Hello, that baby is thriving because of the fish oil. How could they even mention an idea that would prevent her from keeping on. That's what makes Ellie, "Grow, Ellie, grow."