Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Whole new set of tricks

What a difference a few days make.

I left on Tuesday morning for a conference in Orlando. 25,000 SCUBA divers and the ocean conservation folks. Same church, different pew. Well worth the trip.

When I left, Ellie was cute and happy and I had a good time before I had to run off to the airport.

When I got back there today, my girl was a totally different kid. Somehow her voice had migrated from her throat (gurgle, gurgle, squeal) to the front of her mouth where they are now dah, dah, dah, bah bah bah. And they come in series that sound like sentences. This girl has some things to say. Very close to the teacher on Charlie Brown. This is very good for Abby and I who have been concerned that her voice was still in her throat because her mouth doesn't get the workout that it should.

The nurses also told us that she points to the chair when we are gone. This is a heartbreaker for us and made leaving tonight very hard. No, Mom, you don't need to come and sit with her. She is asleep and happy as can be.

She is also learning how to play peek a boo and is very excited every time that you reappear (as long as you don't appear too soon and scare the shit out of her, literally). Abby took a nice video of her and it is up on YouTube:

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kate said...

Aw, come on. How are we supposed to stay home and go to work and stuff when you dangle that kind of "come and visit" bait at us?

What the rest of you don't know is that when Abby and Ellie play peek-a-boo, a crowd develops at the nurses' station to watch the Ellie show. She is truly a rock star.