Thursday, November 23, 2006

Three Days Post Op

Ellie continues on her amazing recovery from surgery. Infants recover much more quickly from all sorts of surgery than adults and she is no exception. Last night N-G (Nasal-Gastric) tube was removed along with her foley catheter which brings us back to the same number of tubes that we had to begin with plus a heart rate monitor.

She is handling her ostomy very well and has been playing today in her crib and on the floor and even sits up with what must be a very sore belly. The nurses tell us that pain doesn't limit baby's activities so they don't favor an injury and she is right up and at 'em today.

As a bonus, her ostomy is functioning properly already and fluid is coming out regularly, which is the goal of the ostomy.

She is still riding the morphine but has started to taper off of it overall. Her dose was reduced by a third today and we will keep her on enough to be comfortable before transitioning onto tylenol some time soon.

We will think about feeding her in a few days.

A video from Thanksgiving afternoon:

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Barbara Krause said...

When I used to babysit for the Brogan kids and Gib would cry before Martha and Jack (well, mostly, before Martha) left the driveway, I never dreamed Gib's written words would bring tears to my eyes! That was a beautiful Thanksgiving entry on this incredible blog. I'm thankful to be connected to the "red thread" (does anyone know Lucy Kaplansky's music?) of the Brogan clan. And grateful, Gib, that you found Abby, who is every bit as loving and tough as your mother. :-)

Talk with you soon.