Saturday, November 18, 2006

T-minus 48 hours

Hey, baby. Nice tooth*

We got word last night that Ellie is the third 'case' or operation of the day on Monday, barring any emergencies or urgent surgeries that bump us from our slot. She should go in mid-morning and they tell us that it could take 4-6 hours. Lots of waiting. I'm going to save the Sunday crossword for Monday.

No great news today, she is very happy and dances up a storm while she watches the parade of nurses go by our door, blissfully unaware of what is coming her way on Monday. I guess that is a good thing- no anxiety for her, just doing her baby thing and then whammo, she goes to sleep and feels crappy when she wakes up.

She has become more aware of her hospital equipment in the last week. The tubes and bright plastic clamps are very similar to her bright plastic toys and we have watched her chew her IV lines a few times.

To fight this we have made a tube cozy for her lines that covers them with fabric. So far she hasn't discovered what is inside and leaves it alone.

Another marvelous invention that came out of our necessity. Oh what good fun that parents of kids without short gut miss.

* The number one pick up line in the bars of Rangeley, Maine.


Anonymous said...

You've got people in Arizona praying for Ellie on Monday.

Barbara Krause said...

Dear Gib, Abby, and most of all Ellie,

Just a quick note to let you know I'm thinking of you and will be tomorrow and in the coming days. May the force of Team Ellie be with you.


Unknown said...

Mmmm...giraffe. Yummy.