Saturday, November 25, 2006


Ellie has been moving towards words for the last week or so with solid consonants and a repeated 'na, na, na" when she is grumpy.

Yesterday afternoon her words had a good H to them and this morning, she looked at Abby and clear as bell said "hi!".

Which is great fun and makes sense since that is the word that she hears from the stream of nurses who stop by to say hello all day.

Ellie's recovery is going very smoothly so far. She is off of heavy drugs and is weaning off of tylenol as well. To look at her you would never know that anything happened. She is standing up, playing, rolling onto her belly and is just very, very happy these days.

Her ostomy is working as we had hoped- liquid flows from it very freely meaning that there is very little pressure on her bowel and also meaning that her bowel is moving things through.


Becky said...

Well HELLO sweet Ellie!!! What a SWEETY!!!! Man I need to meet her and give her a huge kiss!!! She's adorable!
You guys continue to inspire and awe me .. I'm just so proud of you!!
Love you three --

Unknown said...

Hi Ellie! (Hola!)

Wow, she looks so great.

Jess said...

I still claim that I heard her say hi on the phone a few weeks ago! Maybe not a fully formulated hi, but the meaning was clear, "hey Jess, get your butt back here to play with me!" Way to go Ellie! I can't wait to hear what she has to say next! And she looks fantastic!

Barbara Krause said...

Amazing kid. I love the "look, dad, just one hand" thing she did part way through the video. Ellie is teaching us all a thing or two, isn't she?!

Have a great day.


Sophie said...

Of course her first word was something social...she is the most social baby I have ever met! Full sentences will be coming soon as well as jogging (my prediction: she will skip crawling all together)!!!

Martha Brogan said...

I saw Ellie the morning after surgery when she was not at her best and again, 5 days later, on Sunday when she was doing beautifully- she's an amazing girl with stories to tell and places to go- hope that you are ready to chase her!